Writer Wrong

The Canyon Director's Cut

January 21, 2021 FBT Productions Season 1 Episode 12
Writer Wrong
The Canyon Director's Cut
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A commentary-free presentation of The Canyon.

Produced by Patrick Emile and Marlo Mysliwiec
Written, Directed, Scored, and Edited by Patrick Emile

CAST: Jovane Caamaño as Dominic Warner, Cameron Casey as Flavian Auger, Cody Dry as Markie Pon de Lancie, Courtney Dyamond as Ester Trunk, Patrick Emile as Mercy Gorsey, Morgan Hillan as Gerald Trunk, Brendan Kallaugher as Percy Gorsey, Kris Kelly as Adelaide Trunk (1959), Mindy Neuendorff as Ramona Trunk, Bradford Reilly as Able Canoe, Amber Rossi Strasser as Adelaide Trunk (1918), and Evan Michael Woods as Atticus Pope

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